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Experimental based learning in single day workshops on digital by industry leaders.

Starting Out Right – Tools and Techniques for Starting Product Development

This whole-day workshop explores what is needed to set up product development success. All too often we fall into what has been called “the build trap” – the desire to get working quickly means teams are off to the races without actually knowing which horse they’re riding on and where it headed.
This workshop presents a variety of tools and techniques which are available to rapidly align on business value, intended outcomes and coming up with a roadmap for successful product development.  Over the day the participants will gain hands-on experience using the tools on real-world scenarios.

Topics covered include

  • Understanding the product goals, how they align with organizational objectives and measurable outcomes
  • Crafting the product hypothesis and designing experiments to validate or invalidate it
  • Tradeoffs and success sliders;
  • Value and time, urgency and priority
  • Anthropology and personas
  • Roadmaps, story maps, and backlogs
  • Knowing when to stop

Workshop Speaker

Shane Hastie MIM, ICE-AC, ICE-PO
Director of Agile Learning Program

Design Thinking led Customer Experience


Customer Experience Led Design Thinking workshop is for interested executives and team members, who want to get an overview of Design Thinking as a customer-centric method.

In a short presentation, you will gain insights into the core principles of agile working methods (in particular Design Thinking) based on real-life examples.

You will experience Design Thinking for yourself as part of an exercise in which all participants go through the entire design process in iterations and actively try out the approach in small cross-functional teams. You will empathize with your customers, ideate and come up with tangible results (prototypes) that you will present afterward. By doing so, you will learn how Design Thinking can support you in your day-to-day life to boost the customer experience of your company’s products and services. This comprehensive workshop will help you understand DOs and DONTs that one should keep in mind while empathizing with customers and designing solutions for their pain points

Key Learnings:

  • What is agile methods/design thinking and define it’s core principles?
  • Can Design Thinking make a difference in scaling your startup/ business?
  • Two sides of the coin – Design Thinking & ROI
  • How can you come from customer insights to tangible results and test them?
  • How can Customer Empathy lead to a boost in customer experience?
  • How can Design Thinking lead to a boost in customer experience?
  • Can with Design Thinking we can make the world a better place?
  • DOs and DONTs to make CX initiatives successful

Workshop Speakers

Nitin Sethi
Vice President – Digital
Indigo Airlines

Simon Springmann
Managing Partner & Host
Launchlabs GmbH, Berlin

Tobias Wosowiecki
Innovation Consultant
Launchlabs GmbH, Berlin

Workshop :
Succeeding with Data – Business Analysis for Data Science


“The best data scientists get out and talk to people,” – says Thomas Redman in HBR

The buzz about Data is at an all-time high, and the industry leaders are completely dialed into the potential and the promise of Data. However, surprisingly Gartner predicts, about 85% of Data based engagements fail. Some of the issues cited are lack of clarity in business goals, insufficient problem analysis, gaps in specific business knowledge, data diversity and lack of talent to translate and communicate findings. If it sounds all too familiar to you as some of the key business analysis skills, you wouldn’t be mistaken.

In this IIBA Thought Leadership workshop, we focus on a framework to inject digital business analysis into data science engagements with a clear experiential approach designed for business analysis professionals and business consultants.

Workshop Speakers

Ashish Mehta
MD India APAC & Global Thought Leader
International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®)

Ananta Mahapatra
Program Manager, Global Thought Leadership
International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®)

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